In support of Dallas’ effort to be a top 5 destination for conventions and tourism, the Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District (DTPID) went into effect in August 2012, and was renewed in October 2016. The District is made up of hotel properties in the city limits of Dallas with 100 or more hotel rooms. These properties pay a 2% assessment on their occupied rooms for the purpose of generating funds to market and promote Dallas as a convention and tourism destination.

The current term for the DTPID is thirteen years and is expected to bring in approximately $15 million per year in support of its mission. A board of directors consisting of participating DTPID hoteliers direct the use of all funds generated. The City of Dallas authorized the creation of the District and must annually approve a budget. The board has contracted with the City to collect the funds, and with VisitDallas to administer the programs and use of funds.